Fashionable Jackets with color and prints for fall

Fashionable Jackets with color and prints for fall
September is coming to an end, so for the next month you should plan properly, since the days are colder.
Perfect, then, for "this long cardigans for dresses, to be with you at every exit. Choose pieces that have prints or color and add extra style points in looks you in the easiest way.
Combine with a lot of clothes, you offer a moderate heat and you will surely find one that suits jacket style and you will become your own favorite quickly
Put on all day hours and create the most comfortable and fashionable sets to win his impressions.
The black & white pieces to fit every style and combinations with more normal colors can take off your classic outfit without too much effort. More specifically, an accessory in red, leopard or neon shade will give a more modern look. Otherwise, a gold accessory or a bright red would show the chic side of you.

Relieve and style with the best shoes of the season

Relieve and style with the best shoes of the season
The shoes are synonymous with feminine elegance for it is good to have at least some basic foot wares in our closet to fit your style.
Moreover, the range of most female shoe is great and it is sure that you find the pair that will become your favorite. The most important are the shoes you buy to combine comfort and style.
If you like to have more modern looks you can choose any color and prints, while some classic appearances sure to have in your wardrobe and two couples in black and nude.
The foot wares with a medium heel being comfortable in the office and on your walks and combined with dresses, cropped trousers and sleek pencil skirts. The stiletto is better to wear on a night out to get the most stylish looks and making impressions.

How to treat the boyfriend look

How to treat the boyfriend look
Androgen and the boyfriend look quite different: the boyfriend look is perfect for everyday occurrences and androgen indicated for more formal outings. The boyfriend look suits women who want to combine comfort with elegance with a few touches of rock.
See 7 combinations to refine the boyfriend look.
1. The boyfriend jeans must look like this. Combine it with a white top and clutch in original designs and color.
2. Gynaikeies touches: Don’t have fear to combine your boyfriend jeans with high heeled shoes. Prefer course shoes with thick heels. Don’t forget your stylish boxer bag of this season!
3. Go sporty: Athletic top i.e. the tops with numbers of course your favorite sneakers with brogues and starring this winter. Don’t forget for perfect look use that one extra-large sporty cardigan coat.
4. Pull-over: It's convenient, warm and stylish. For romantic street style touches Combine sweater with your jeans and a pendant necklace.
5. Chic in the office: Wear a blazer with your favorite ballet pumps or heels for a chic & rock outfit from morning till night.
6. Cardigans: Prefer a sweatshirt (either male or female) with jeans and boots or we provide the ultimate boyfriend look!
7. Tzin squared: To denim shirt is part  even with jeans. So do not be afraid to combine them by adding your favorite jewelry and accessories.

The pieces should not be missing from your clothes

The pieces should not be missing from your clothes
Every woman has in her clothes loves wearing regardless of fashion trends. These timeless pieces should not be missing from your clothes because whether it's clothing or accessories are key pieces that can be combined with many clothes while you make the not easy position of what to wear today.

1. White t-shirt
Perhaps the most classic t-shirt that one has in his closet. You can wear it all day long and use it in every look, whether you have or have modern sports and more rock style.
2. Skinny jeans
The favorite jeans that apply flatter your figure and look simply select the correct size and avoid excesses.
3. Colorful bag cross
These handbags can be comfortable and fit everything, but many do not match. If for example, you want to be stylish in casual night out is probably better to keep one bag crossed. Pick a bag to color but sure to be combined with the more your total.
4. Pencil Skirt
The good news with the pencil skirts is that you no longer wear and outside the office. No need to use them only for your office looks, since you can get stylish ensembles for your walks. Prefer to combine that suits you with a printed t-shirt and a jacket to create modern look.
5. Leather jacket
Whether you prefer rock looks or the most classic, you have to try a leather jacket for autumn stroll.
6. Wrap Dress
The Diane von Furstenberg made the fashion and are in the list of favorite women. The dress that "fold" and tie side fit many body types and is always stylish.
7. Nude ballerinas
The've definitely wear morning, noon and night. The ballerinas are a nude shade with black shoes, two pairs of shoes must have must-have in your clothes.
8. Ankle boots
The ankle boots are a favorite feminine piece for fall. Choose a pair that fits your style and complete successfully every set.
9. Black heels
When you think of classic women shoes most likely the first thing that comes to mind is the black shoes and rather, you are absolutely right as it is certainly the most timeless female couple.

Skinny jeans

Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts how to wear it properly

Pencil skirts how to wear it properly
 It is sometimes when we hear "pencil skirt" comes directly to mind the image of an office look. In fact, the office look can be a little classic, a little tight, but very attractive and most often includes shirt, jacket, black shoes and of course your pencil skirt. To start you wear pencil skirts with a more modern and alternative modes choose a skirt that matches your style, flatters your figure and try to combine it with colored accessories and fashionable tops.

Try four combinations starring your favorite pencil skirt:
1. Leather pencil skirt
Combine it with the must have top of the season, ie a monochrome or printed sweatshirt and completed the set with a colored envelope and floral. The feminine side of you meets the most girly in a fresh and stylish effect.
2. Animal print pencil skirt
A very feminine and sexy piece that will be transformed finally, if you try to wear a pink blouse, sweater or sweatshirt and your favorite ankle boots in earthy hue. Last touch an original shoulder bag.
3. Athletic pencil skirt
The cotton pencil skirt in your sports bar can easily be combined with your favorite white t-shirt that has a clever punch. To gift your look but in some elegant touches add a lace kimono instead of classic coat and black leather ankle boots you.
4. Pencil skirt with patterns
Play with patterns and dare to use other similar shades in your top. Add a bright statement necklace and a pair of elegant high heel shoes in pastel tone.

Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts

Information for relaxed and elegant appearances

 Information for relaxed and elegant appearances
Women rarely sacrifice their style for a comfortable look. This usually happens because the mind automatically combine the comfort of sportswear, baggy jeans and Flat shoes in no case can stand worthy of a chic look.

All that belongs to the past as even famous fashion bloggers and several celebrities have managed to combine comfort and style with a few key pieces of their wardrobe.
Follow eight basic ways to combine clothes and accessories, comfort and elegance:
1. The statement sweatshirt is the must have not only for this season, but every autumn. Instead of filling the shelves of your wardrobe with plain and boring sweatshirts, pick one on to a clever phrase that fits your style. Complete the look with a light jacket and a pair of fashionable sneakers.
2. Poncho and capes will give style to your look. The poncho and capes are trendy coats of the season offer you comfort, cozy appearances while worn over dresses and your favorite jeans.
3. These layers suited to your autumn look. Create stylish looks with stylish t-shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans comfortable. The layered look is always in fashion, keeps you warm and circulate in the city always in style.
4. Printed coat. Even the most athletic outfit transforms easily into most stylish set, if you add a coat with modern prints.

Modern stylish sneakers for appearances

Modern stylish sneakers for appearances
The sneakers are a comfortable choice for your everyday looks and you can wear them all day long with jeans, dresses and skirts with you.

If you want to achieve a modern street set for your morning walk, try to wear a male-type cloth pants and a sweatshirt with prints. Of course, one monochrome or denim backpack will complete your look.
For afternoon pick a black couple and merge it with a little black dress in sports bar or a comfortable shirt dress. Complete your look with a colorful clutch and a long cardigan.
Modern stylish sneakers

Modern stylish sneakers

Modern stylish sneakers