How to treat the boyfriend look

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How to treat the boyfriend look
Androgen and the boyfriend look quite different: the boyfriend look is perfect for everyday occurrences and androgen indicated for more formal outings. The boyfriend look suits women who want to combine comfort with elegance with a few touches of rock.
See 7 combinations to refine the boyfriend look.
1. The boyfriend jeans must look like this. Combine it with a white top and clutch in original designs and color.
2. Gynaikeies touches: Don’t have fear to combine your boyfriend jeans with high heeled shoes. Prefer course shoes with thick heels. Don’t forget your stylish boxer bag of this season!
3. Go sporty: Athletic top i.e. the tops with numbers of course your favorite sneakers with brogues and starring this winter. Don’t forget for perfect look use that one extra-large sporty cardigan coat.
4. Pull-over: It's convenient, warm and stylish. For romantic street style touches Combine sweater with your jeans and a pendant necklace.
5. Chic in the office: Wear a blazer with your favorite ballet pumps or heels for a chic & rock outfit from morning till night.
6. Cardigans: Prefer a sweatshirt (either male or female) with jeans and boots or we provide the ultimate boyfriend look!
7. Tzin squared: To denim shirt is part  even with jeans. So do not be afraid to combine them by adding your favorite jewelry and accessories.

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