The pieces should not be missing from your clothes

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The pieces should not be missing from your clothes
Every woman has in her clothes loves wearing regardless of fashion trends. These timeless pieces should not be missing from your clothes because whether it's clothing or accessories are key pieces that can be combined with many clothes while you make the not easy position of what to wear today.

1. White t-shirt
Perhaps the most classic t-shirt that one has in his closet. You can wear it all day long and use it in every look, whether you have or have modern sports and more rock style.
2. Skinny jeans
The favorite jeans that apply flatter your figure and look simply select the correct size and avoid excesses.
3. Colorful bag cross
These handbags can be comfortable and fit everything, but many do not match. If for example, you want to be stylish in casual night out is probably better to keep one bag crossed. Pick a bag to color but sure to be combined with the more your total.
4. Pencil Skirt
The good news with the pencil skirts is that you no longer wear and outside the office. No need to use them only for your office looks, since you can get stylish ensembles for your walks. Prefer to combine that suits you with a printed t-shirt and a jacket to create modern look.
5. Leather jacket
Whether you prefer rock looks or the most classic, you have to try a leather jacket for autumn stroll.
6. Wrap Dress
The Diane von Furstenberg made the fashion and are in the list of favorite women. The dress that "fold" and tie side fit many body types and is always stylish.
7. Nude ballerinas
The've definitely wear morning, noon and night. The ballerinas are a nude shade with black shoes, two pairs of shoes must have must-have in your clothes.
8. Ankle boots
The ankle boots are a favorite feminine piece for fall. Choose a pair that fits your style and complete successfully every set.
9. Black heels
When you think of classic women shoes most likely the first thing that comes to mind is the black shoes and rather, you are absolutely right as it is certainly the most timeless female couple.

Skinny jeans

Pencil Skirt

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